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Tool for Converting Videos for App Previews on The Apple App Store

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Preview Video Converter takes the hassle out of producing videos to use as previews on the Apple AppStore.

Having a video showing off your app is a great way of improving you listing, but if you've ever tried to upload a video to iTunes Connect you will have found that there's a very specific, and poorly documented, set of requirements for your masterpiece of cinematography to be accepted. Don't waste your time searching StackOverflow for what might be causing your files to be incompatible; just use this app.

Preview Video Converter macOS app running on a MacBook Pro, displaying the videos it has converted

With one click your audio and video will be re-encoded into the ideal format; guaranteed to upload successfully. You'll get separate files for the perfect experience on iPhones, iPads and even Apple TV. Make sure your listing as a great as it can be with videos formatted specifically for the device it's being viewed on.

Should your video not meet Apple's length requirements, you can trim the video without leaving the app.

Preview Video Converter accepts most common video file formats as inputs, with more coming soon.