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Perfect Pitch Toddler

Games That Teach Your Child Music and Absolute Pitch

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Give your child the gift of perfect pitch.

Perfect pitch is impossible to learn as an adult but studies have shown that you can teach it to a child while he or she is still in their language learning stage of development. If you've got a child under 5 then don't miss out on your chance to give them the superpower of perfect pitch.

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Never heard of Perfect Pitch?

Sometimes known as absolute pitch, perfect pitch is the ability to hear a note and recognise exactly what note it is. Some people will do interval training as an adult, which is learning to count the tones between notes but a person with perfect pitch could hear a melody, walk over to a piano and repeat the exact thing on their first try.

How does it work?

Perfect Pitch Toddler is a collection of games, created to appeal to small children. Each game, as well as being fun to play, teaches children to listen to notes on a piano and identify them. It does this by showing animals that represent the notes on a keyboard; the Ant is the note of A, the Bee is the note of B and so on. This makes it easy for children to form a strong relationship between the sound and a familiar image, rather than presenting them with the complexities of a traditional keyboard.

The Games

There are currently 8 Games to choose from:

Who's in the Crate?
Guess what animal's in the crate by listening to the notes as the crate disassembles.

Listen and Learn
This one's just for little tiny babies. There's no interaction in this game. Just hear the note and see the corresponding animal.

Play Along
Play a familiar nursery rhyme as the notes move along across a stave.

Up or Down
Listen to a group of three notes and answer whether the progression is going up or down.

Whack a Note
Hear the note to indicate what animal is about to appear out of a hole. Try to tap it in time.

Which Floor?
Listen to what octave the note is played at to tell what floor in the house the animal is on.

Match Two
Turn the cards and find the matching notes.

Answer what animal is the silhouette.