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Your guide on your journey through pregnancy.

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Hypnobirthing has helped women all over the world have a positive, peaceful, pregnancy and birth.
The Hypnobirthing Baby app will help guide you on your journey through pregnancy. Helping you feel confident in your body's natural ability with our guided meditations, mindfulness exercises, affirmations, hypnosis, breathing techniques, and expert advice. With Hypnobirthing Baby you can also track your journey from pregnancy to motherhood, providing you with insights and information on your progress every day. The app works completely offline so you're free to practice wherever you are.
The Hypnobirthing Baby app is suitable for anyone, whether you're planning on a medicated or unmedicated birth, vaginal or cesarean, twins, triplets, quadruplets...

Hypnobirthing Baby iOS app running on an iPhone Hypnobirthing Baby iOS app running on an iPhone Hypnobirthing Baby  iOS app running on an iPhone

First time hearing of Hypnobirthing?
Hypnobirthing entails using self-hypnosis techniques such as breathing, visualization, and relaxation to relieve anxiety, fear and manage pain during labor and birth. The core principle of hypnobirthing is to completely relax your body and mind to the point where the body does not fight its natural processes.
While we're still adding content to the app it's completely free from any ads, in-app purchases or subscriptions.